Thomson Whp3001bk Wireless Headphones

Thomson WHP3001BK Overview

Thomson Whp3001bk wireless headphones

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Are having lots of issues with your wired-headphone? Well, you must change it with a wireless headphone that comes with impressive and unique features. Thomson whp3001bk is the right choice for you. Actually, this product is really the best for all the people because it will surely meet their expectancies and needs. Aside from that, it will never give them issues with regard to the sounds and movements that they will need.

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Who could buy or benefits from this product?

Everyone can benefit from Thomson whp3001bk wireless headphones. It is actually made of high quality materials that make it durable and versatile to use. It will surely give you great sounds that may last for years.

Product Description

Thomson headphones has the latest wireless technology which brings well advanced and lasted level in the field of audio playing. This is especially engineered that delivers great style, comfort, and convenience without deterioration and subsequent. It comes with a well compact and sleek package that will surely get your interest.

It can actually transmit the radio signal starting from the charging station up to the headphone. The sound of it can easily be transmitted in a frequency of 836MHz wherein the distance is about 100m. It can still be performed in an open field or in a building that measures about 20 to 30 meters. In this case, this product will give you the freedom to move freely and it can give you a very clear sound even at its maximum volume.

You will never have worries in this product primarily about its interface because it is composed of an integrated autotuning or automatic station search and 3 various transmissions that is capable of removing any loss of fuzziness or sounds while you are creating different movements. This product comes with 2xAAA batteries and a delivery package. You can switch off and on this headphone through the use of the power button that has a LED indicator. Because it comes with a well advanced technology, you can also use this in listening movies on your TV.

When talking about the headband of it, you will never feel pain even when you wear it for several hours because of it has flexible components that will make you feel comfortable all the time. The padded ear cushion of it can also give you a listening pleasure that will encourage you to use it every day. These are the main reasons why lots of people are having the interest to purchase and use it.

Product Features

Thomson whp3001bk has the best and impressive features that you are looking in a wireless headphone.

  • It comes along with a power button with LED display.
  • Has the ability to perform in a 100 meter range or in 20 to 30 meter in buildings.
  • It comes out with integrated volume control.
  • Has flexible and long lasting headband.

WHP3001BK Pros

Thomson whp3001bk wireless headphones have well built components that allow you to operate it with ease and it can also provide you great sounds. The entire elements of it can really last for a long period of time. That’s why this product is really a great deal considering the fact that it will never fail your expectancies.

WHP3001BK Cons

Even though Thomson whp3001bk is made of high quality materials, this product can easily have scratches. In this case, you must know how to use and keep it properly in order to avoid it some issues like this.

Customer Reviews and Scores

This Thomson headphone gained a score of 3.8 out of 5 stars. This only means that all those people who already used it were happy and satisfied with its features and performance. Most of them gained great satisfaction with regard to the performance that it provides to them. They can also move freely and go wherever they want due to the wireless features of it. It comes with a professional appearance which suits their taste when it comes to a wireless headphone.


Thomson whp3001bk is made for everyone. It actually comes with stunning features that will provide you with great sounds that you will surely enjoy in your day to day life. You can also use this headphone in your television. It comes with some manageable controls on how you can connect it to your television and that’s why you will never have difficulties when using it. This headphone has a flexible headband which is suitable for both all users.

With all of these facts, you can guarantee to yourself that Thomson whp3001bk will surely meet your needs and demands. It will never fail in giving you great sounds while you are listening to music or watching movies. This is being offered at a very affordable cost and that’s why you can easily purchase it without hesitations. One thing that is for sure when you purchase this product is that you will never have doubt and disappointments especially when you start to use it.

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